5 Caw Tarbert Harris

We think the natural surroundings of Harris are magical. Our cottage is particularly attractive to people wanting to relax and do nothing at all, or to enjoy nature and spend time outdoors (we have some of the best climbing in the UK and even have a challenging 9 hole golf course). We also have free broadband to keep in touch with the office should you REALLY need to.

Along the Atlantic facing coast, magnificent white sandy beaches can be found. Luskentyre Beach, for example, is about 10 minutes away by car and has won international awards. Wildlife abounds. Fishing for brown trout is a very popular occupation and most lochs carry a natural stock of fish. A great many species of birds and sea dwellers can be found. A trip to Saint Kilda on Kilda Cruises (http://www.kildacruises.co.uk) opens the door to some amazing and immense sea bird colonies. The story of St Kilda makes fascinating reading and if you do go there don’t forget your camera.

As well as fishing, playing golf, walking, climbing, day tripping to other islands, enjoying the wildlife, sea life, birdwatching or doing absolutely nothing the islands also have a huge range of items of historical interest such as the Lewis Chessmen, the Callanish Stones (as old as Stonehenge) a Blackhouse, a Norse Mill, the Carloway Broch and the mysterious Flannan Isles.